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Abortion Messaging

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Slava Ukraine — 13 May 2022

How did Russia lose an ‘entire battalion’ crossing a Ukrainian bridge? | Ben Hodges The Russians have not demonstrated very good operational security or concealing their movements.” After Russia loses an ‘entire battalion’ crossing a bridge in Ukraine, Ayesha Hazarika … Continue reading

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Music Recommendation: Los Skuff — “Es Algo Más” [“It’s Something More”]

BRUCE’S RECOMMENDATION OF BANDCAMP MUSIC Track: “Es Algo Más” [“It’s Something More”] Album: TALES FROM THE POP PUNK WORLD: VOLUME 4 Artist: Los Skuff Artist Location: Nuestra Señora De La Paz, Bolivia Record Company: RTTB Records ]Ramone to the Bone … Continue reading

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Some Books by David Bruce

RETELLINGS OF A CLASSIC WORK OF LITERATURE Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist: A Retelling Ben Jonson’s The Arraignment, or Poetaster: A Retelling Ben Jonson’s Bartholomew Fair: A Retelling Ben Jonson’s The Case is Altered: A Retelling Ben Jonson’s Catiline’s Conspiracy: A Retelling  … Continue reading

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