Music Recommendation: Lia Rose — “Close to You” [Free Download] and “The Times They Are A-Changing” [Name Your Price (Includes FREE)]



“Close to You” [Free Download]

“The Times They Are A-Changing” [Name Your Price (Includes FREE)]

Singles: These are one-sided singles.

Artist: Lia Rose

Artist Location: San Francisco, California

Record Company: Firebrand Records

Record Company Location: Baltimore, Maryland


“ [‘Close to You’] was my little thank you note to Bernie [Sanders].”

Mr. Sanders,

“I want to thank you

“For being willing to do this

“For fighting for all of us

“For believing in us

“For inspiring us

“You’ve said all along that you can’t do this alone

“Well, we have your back

“We have you surrounded

“We need you as much as you need us

“And we need you more than ever right now

“So thank you Bernie Sanders

“With every ounce of my being.”

— Posted with the YouTube Video

“Lia Rose creates music and tours with projects focused on making a positive impact. She writes songs that are intensely honest and at times unmistakably autobiographical.

“In addition to her solo releases, Rose is a founding member of “Experimental/Electronic/Ambient duo Built for the Sea, signed to Tom Morello & Ryan Harvey’s record label Firebrand Records whose aims are sharply focused on social justice. Both solo and with bands, Rose’s music has been featured widely in TV & Film, including features in trailers & sizzle reels from HBO to NBC, MTV to Netflix.”

On Spotify: here

On Patreon: here

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“Close to You” [Free Download]

“The Times They Are A-Changing” [Name Your Price (Includes FREE)]

Genre: Pop.


Lia Rose on Bandcamp

Lia Rose Official Website

Lia Rose on YouTube

Firebrand Records on Bandcamp

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