Music Recommendation: Genki! Genki! Panic


Music: “The Spectrophiliac”


Artist: Genki! Genki! Panic

Artist Location: Chatanooga, Tennessee

Info: “Instrumental dungeon surf from GA.” [And Tennessee?]

“Genki” is Japanese for “Energy.”

“It’s straightforward fun … the drums provide a frenetic beat, the bass thumps and the guitar is sonic amphetamines winding its way through exotic scales. It is minimalist and it is magical. It’s music for road trips on hot days, for being 17 again and shredding on a skateboard, for bouncing and pogoing and moshing in a crowded bar on a sweaty night while pounding cold beers. I could easily imagine these guys opening for GWAR and if one of them doesn’t have a shrine to Vincent Price somewhere in the basement, I’m getting them one for Christmas.” 

“Spiked with rippling surf riffs and a thudding percussive backbone, this record feels simultaneously self-contained and expansive, as if the music were wound tightly around a series of nimble rhythms but loosened with just a quick flick of a guitar pick, sending jagged shards of guitar lines and chest-rattling drums off in all directions. It’s easy to get lost in all the quick detours and back alleyways that the band drags you through, but in no time, you’re back on the main road, looking in the rearview mirror and wondering what just happened.” 

“… a really fun record. Carpenter, horror instrumental surf, Elfman, Morricone, and of course following the footsteps of Satan’s Pilgrims … scraping wading noise- rock, punk, and rock elements formed into a weird Halloween milieu. A bit like Agent Orange were fighting low budget B-Movie monsters.” 

Price: Name Your Price (Included FREE)

Genre: Horror Surf. Instrumental.



Genki! Genki! Panic on Bandcamp

Genki! Genki! Panic Official Website

Henki! Genki! Panic on YouTube

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