Music Recommendation: El Globo Oscuro — “Para No Deecirtee”


Music: “Para No Decirte” [“Not to Tell You”]

Single: This is a one-sided single.

Artist: El Globo Oscuro [The Dark Globe], Ft. Ricardo ‘Ziggy’ Anthés 

Artists Location: Coro, Venezuela


Evelio Gómez: Letra+Concepto 
Samuel Mitchell: Guitarra 
Gustavo Restrepo: Bajo 
Piero Fradiani: Batería 
Ricardo “Ziggy” Anthés: Voz [Voice]

“The Dark Globe is a Rock/Noise/Post Punk oriented project founded by Evelio Gómez (vocals, lyrics) in 2005, Falcón /Venezuela. They were later joined by Samuel Mitchell (guitar, bass) Gustavo Restrepo (keyboard, bass) becoming over time an artistic collective where other musicians and creators of various genres intervene for the conceptual objectives of the band.”

Price: $1 (USD) for one-sided single

Genre: Rock. Pop. Spanish Language.


“Para No Decirte”

El Globo Oscuro on Bandcamp

El Globo Oscuro on YouTube

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