Picardy Thirds: Acoustic Lunch at Ohio University’s Baker Center — 2 March 2022





“Known for being one of the most inclusive and accepting groups on Ohio University’s campus, The Picardy Thirds is an A Capella group comprised of 18 voices to provide entertainment for the general public and private events. We have performed pieces originally by AJR, Lady Gaga, One Republic, Kesha, Sara Bareilles and many more! Most arrangements are created by members of the group.” — https://ohio.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/the-picardy-thirds




This is my (David Bruce’s) review of Bruce Dalzell’s album THE SONG OF FLYING on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Direct Stimulation of the Brain’s Pleasure Center

Reviewed in the United States on April 3, 2019

Verified Purchase

Bruce Dalzell is a gifted singer-songwriter and long-time music mentor in Athens County, Ohio. Much of his work directly stimulates the pleasure center of my brain.

Readers of this review should make heavy use of Amazon’s preview snippets of Bruce Dalzell’s SONG OF FLYING songs on this page. Especially listen to the snippets of my most favorite three songs — all of them love songs I love so much that I transcribed the lyrics:


“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME” — How can you explain the effect a woman you love has on you? Here are a few ways:

“What is this you have done to me

“Just as the moon pulls upon the sea

“I am drawn to you like gravity

“What is this you have done to me

“I am completely come undone

“No evening star, no morning sun

“There is only the spell that you have spun

“I am completely come undone

“One look from you is all I require

“To bellow like a clown in a circus choir

“Even beneath the weight of this yoke of desire

“One look from you is all I require

“But I would choose gladly

“Only this misery

“What is a wish but that which may never be

“And I would hang my heart

“From an old chestnut tree

“I would choose gladly this misery

“What is this you have done to me

“Just as the moon pulls upon the sea

“I am drawn to you like gravity

“What is this you have done to me”


“MY BABY SCARES ME” — Being scared by a woman you love can be a pleasurable experience indeed.

“She’s a bottle of mescal on a Tuesday night

“She’s a bronco-bull rider all dressed in white

“She’s a fine-glass jewel box full of dynamite

“My baby scares me, umm, my baby scares me

“She’s driving a Mercedes-Benz with your eyes closed

“She’s doing the tango in a bed of roses

“She’s skydiving wearing no clothes

“My baby scares me, ooh, my baby scares me

“She’s walking in a thunderstorm in a tinfoil hat

“She is skinny-dipping with a Siamese cat

“She’s strolling in a biker bar with a cricket bat

“My baby scares me, ooh, my baby scares me

“She’s got me stepping me up to my fear

“Got me forgetting all I know

“She’s got me laughing through my tears

“She’s got me eating fish with a nice Bordeaux

“When the audience is silent, she sings along loud

“Looks at me with desire even in a crowd

“In this cookie-cutter world the woman makes me proud

“My baby scares me, I kind of like that

“My baby scares me.”


“YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE” — This is about a woman you love who makes you smile even on days when everything is going wrong.

“The day broke grey and the tire was flat

“And I stepped in a present left by my cat

“When did my head get too big for my hat

“Even the mailman’s hostile.

“The car seat was hot and the coffee was cold

“The old girlfriend who hates me just got paroled

“If tough luck was treasure, I’d be made of gold

“Feels like my whole world’s on trial

“But you always make me smile.

“I am unencumbered by the burden of success

“But I’ve got all these voicemails from the IRS

“I’m telling myself that it’s some kind of less-on

“An inch is as a good as a mile

“And you always make me smile.

“Mother Teresa makes me humble

“The Cleveland Browns make me mad

“Tight pants make me self-conscious

“Tequila makes me bad

“Pope Francis makes me hopeful

“The full moon makes me wild

“Pretty girls make me crazy

“You always make me smile

“Days like this, what do I do to get by

“No TV self-help guru, no pie in the sky

“No little pill, no strong alkali, naw

“Forgive me if I stare for a while

“It’s just that you always make me smile.”


Be sure to check out Bruce Dalzell’s MY ATHENS PAST, which consists mostly of instrumentals (and one song with vocals) — all of which directly stimulate the pleasure center of my brain — here on AMAZON:


Support local music, and be aware that in the age of the Internet and the WWW, Athens County is local worldwide.

By the way, this is my haiku advice to potential reviewers:

Leave a good review

If you try it and like it

Spread the word online

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