Music Recommendation: AJ Dávila — “Beautiful”


Music: “Beautiful”

One-Sided Single: “Beautiful”

Artist: AJ Dávila

Artist Location: Mexico City, Mexico


Martin Douglas: “A Bluffer’s Guide to AJ Dávila” (

“In the 13 years since his band barnstormed the mainland United States with its sloshed and stunning set of delightfully nasty garage-rock, AJ Dávila has proven to be one of music’s most far-reaching pop shapeshifters. Driven by crafting the kinds of songs people want to dance and sing along to, the Puerto Rican-born, Mexico City-based singer/songwriter’s magnanimous presence has burrowed into hours upon hours of music; more music than it would take to absorb in one listen. Thankfully, dear reader, you have me as your humble correspondent on all things garage-rock, ready to offer my Cliffs Notes on the talented, prolific musician who took off from that world to become a pop music jack of all trades.”

Price: $12 (MXN), approximately $0.58 USD, for track



AJ Dávila on Bandcamp

AJDavilaVEVO on YouTube

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