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David Bruce: DANTE’S DIVINE COMEDY: A Retelling (Free PDF)

Educate Yourself: Read the Way a Wolf Eats. SOME BOOKS BY DAVID BRUCE (Lots of FREE eBooks) RETELLINGS OF A CLASSIC WORK OF LITERATURE Do you know a language other than English? If you do, I give you permission to … Continue reading

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Angels Smiled — Annette Rochelle Aben

She called out in the night Feeling scared and lonely Someone, please come help me I am so lost She tried with all her might To make herself be strong To last the whole night long Not giving up And … Continue reading

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David Bruce: The Coolest People in Books — Mothers

Mothers • Arianna Huffington’s mother supported her. When young Arianna expressed a desire to go to Cambridge University, lots of people told her that she would never go there, but her mother borrowed some money and flew Arianna and herself from … Continue reading

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Music Recommendation: Nicholas Rowe — “Lake Michigan” (Live)

BRUCE’S RECOMMENDATION OF BANDCAMP MUSIC Music: “Lake Michigan” (live) Album: WATERCOLORS (Live Studio Recordings) Artist: Nicholas Rowe Artist Location: Columbus, Ohio Info: “NICHOLAS ROWE is an indie singer-songwriter from Columbus, Ohio with a brooding, folksy style that often draws comparisons to … Continue reading

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Open-Mic Night at Ohio University’s Baker Center: 11 February 2022

David Bruce read Roald Dahl’s “Cinderella” I Cannot Look Away It’s Not New Year’s Yet Madeleine ATHENS, OHIO SINGER-SONGWRITERS ON BANDCAMP Adam Remnant Albert Rouzie Attila Horvath Caitlin Kraus Corbin Marsh Band Dallas Craft Megan Bee Mike Ratliff Rachel Mousie … Continue reading

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