Music Recommendation: Thes Siniestros — “Colina”


Music: “Colina”

Album: LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS (2011)

Artist: Thes Siniestros

Artist Location: Argentina


“Thes Sinestros calls LOS ÚLTIMOS DÍAS his most personal work to date. Mutant band, this time the atmosphere becomes dense and — as if it were a journey into human miseries- the now quartet speaks to us about loneliness, madness, old age, streaks, exiles, death and , of course, love. ‘It’s the rage that moves the world,’ they say. The sound of the group has been transformed. There are no more anchors to get out of the expected, and the old labels and labels no longer serve to define this album, odyssey and oracle in the vast empire of the space age boys.” Von Halton, via Google Translate

Price: Name Your Price (Includes FREE); for $3.90 (USD) you can buy their entire discography

Genre: Pop.



Thes Siniestros on Bandcamp

Thes Siniestros on YouTube

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