Music Recommendation: Emma Gale — “Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say”


Music: “Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say”

Single: One-sided single.

Artist: Emma Gale

Artist Location: Weymouth, UK


“Emma Gale is a songwriter from Weymouth in Dorset and a self-proclaimed ‘accidental indie folk artist,’ having watched the video of her debut single ‘Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say’ in April 2020 become a viral lockdown hit. 

“Emma Gale is a lyricist above all else, having woven beautiful storylines throughout her debut album. A truthful, observational style is at the centre of her approach.”

“Charming Song, great message.  Emma has a great gift for writing songs and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.” — Chris Difford, SQUEEZE 

Price: £1 (GBP) for track; this track is  one-sided single

Genre: Folk.


“Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say”

Emma Gale on Bandcamp

Emma Gale on YouTube

Emma Gale Official Site

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