Music Recommendation: Bande de los Apaches — “Great White Buffalo”


Music: “Great White Buffalo”


Artist: Bande de los Apaches

Artist Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


“Bande de los Apaches is Danish band located in Copenhagen. Originally started in 2012 the band plays and writes instrumental surf music for both live performance and moving pictures. The band focuses on making music with direct inspiration from old spaghetti westerns and other B-movies.”

“In terms of mainstream performance, surf is perhaps one of the most unrecognized genres of music, yet most people listen to it and are excited by it when watching western movies (or Quentin Tarantino). With instrumental music you can tell a story that words cannot. Our ambition is to be able to make music, which can be used in new moving pictures.”

Price: 6 DKK (approx. $0.92 USD) for track; 42 DKK (approx. $6.40 USD) for six-track album

Genre: Surf. Rock. Instrumental.



Bande de los Apaches on Bandcamp

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