Music Recommendation: Cassie Taylor — “Spare Some Love”


Music: “Spare Some Love”


Artist: Cassie Taylor

Artist Location: Kansas City Missouri

Record Company: Yellow Dog Records

Record Company Location: Memphis, Tennessee


“At age 26, Cassie Taylor is already a veteran musician. She’s spent a decade playing bass and singing on stage and in the studio with her father, modern-day blues innovator Otis Taylor. Now she stakes her own claim as an artist of intelligence, power and soul, drawing on a wide swath of influences — spanning centuries, continents and cultures — to create her own indelible and utterly modern sound.

“With influences ranging from a New Orleans second line to West African psychedelic rock, the album’s 12 original songs — all written and arranged by Taylor — are the work of a truly 21st century musical omnivore. From the record’s lead track, ‘Ol’ Mama Dean (Part 1),’ which opens with drums and theremin, to the wistful piano closer “Again,” Taylor proves to be a gifted, independent-minded songwriter with a flair for the unexpected and a voice that will haunt your dreams.”

“Dedicated to my man, who sold his car to make the album.” — Cassie

Released May 7, 2013 

“Yellow Dog Records carries the living lore of authentic American music into the present. Featuring new interpretations of Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Americana styles by established and emerging artists, Yellow Dog Records is where innovation confronts tradition. What’s left after the collision? Inspired explorations of America’s musical roots.”

Price: $1 (USD) for track; $9 (USD) for 12-track album

Genre: Blues



Cassie Taylor on Bandcamp

Cassie Taylor on YouTube

Yellow Dog Records

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