The New James Bond

I recently saw a GUARDIAN article about introducing the new James Bond in the next movie. 

Here’s my idea:

Simply have the new guy walk into M’s office. M says, “Congratulations, you are the new 007. Code name: Bond, James Bond.”

One advantage of doing this is some of the old Bonds can appear in cameos. They simply retired or went into other jobs, such as running a safe house that the new Bond visits.

Another idea of mine is about Paloma. She could be the new Felix Leiter:

Bond calls her by the name Paloma. She replies:

“I’m not Paloma anymore. I got a promotion. My new code name is Leiter, Felix Leiter.”

Whenever a woman becomes 007 (I know one already has), I hope she is called James Bond, not Jane Bond. 

One thing that will happen is that some parents will start naming their newborn daughters James. I’m OK with that.

— David Bruce

Note: This blog post is Public Domain. Please take these ideas and use them.

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