Music Recommendation: Matrorralman — “Politikos Asesinos (Matorralman Remezcla)”


Music: “Politikos Asesinos (Matorralman Remezcla)”

Single: This is a one-sided single

Artist: Matorralman

Artist Location: Mexico


“Imagine if Duane Eddy met Esquivel. The result would be a combination of the classic deep twangy guitar sound of the 1950s thrown on its head by the king of experimental Mexican lounge tunes. Matorralman is Miguel Rizo, a selector, composer and producer from Mexico City. His debut album is GUATEQUE ESTELAR, a collection of songs that fuse electronic lounge music with surf rock and retro 60s sounds like go go, ye-ye and psychedelia. A tribute to those classic times of science fiction and foxy ladies.” — Amazon

Price: FREE Download

Genre: Instrumental.


“Politikos Asesinos ( Matorralman Remezcla)”

Matorralman on Bandcamp

Matorralman on YouTube

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