Music Recommendation: Mavin — “Goodbye Innocence”


Music: “Goodbye Innocence”

Album: LOVE

Artist: Mavin

Record Company: Random Records

Record Company Location: Berlin, Germany


“Random Records is the label of musician Snax, showcasing his own work and co-productions. Random also releases side projects: house stompers by Box Office Poison and the sleazy soundworld of Tony Amherst.”

“Mavin is a Berlin raised Afro-Polish musician, songwriter, music selector aka DJ and producer. Mavin explains the concept behind the creation of his album: ‘The idea came from the urge to create what I want to listen to and what’s not produced like this anymore. Old-school Disco Influences, paired with early Vocal House productions meets classic pop songwriting. Strong hooks and harmonies and melodies and shuffling beats. A feel-good affair. Lyrically, the songs address anything from wanting love, being loved or losing love.’”

Price: €1 (EURO) for track €7 (EURO) for 12-track album

Genre: Electronic. House. Pop. Disco.



Random Records on Bandcamp

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