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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: A Retelling in Prose — Act 3, Scene 2

— 3.2 — In his garden, Pandarus spoke to Troilus’ servant, a young boy. “Hello!” Pandarus said to the servant. “Where’s your master? At my niece Cressida’s?” “No, sir; he is waiting for you to lead him there.” Pandarus said, … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Lloyd Alexander’s THE CASTLE OF LLYR: A Discussion Guide — Chapter 5: The Oath

Chapter 5: The Oath How does Taran react when he sees that both Eilonwy and Magg are not present? Taran is majorly worried, and he suspects that Magg has kidnapped Eilonwy, so he tells King Rhuddlum and Queen Teleria what … Continue reading

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