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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: A Retelling in Prose — Act 3, Scene 1

— 3.1 — Pandarus and a servant talked together in a room in Priam’s palace in Troy. Pandarus said, “Friend, you! Please, let me have a word with you. Don’t you follow the young Lord Paris?” By “follow,” Pandarus meant … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Lloyd Alexander’s THE CASTLE OF LLYR: A Discussion Guide — Chapter 3: The Shoemaker

Chapter 3: The Shoemaker From whom is Eilonwy in danger? Why? At first, Taran believes that Eilonwy must be in danger from Arawn. Note: In Welsh mythology, Arawn was the god of death. In the Prydain Chronicles, Arawn is the … Continue reading

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