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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s TROILUS AND CRESSIDA: A Retelling in Prose — Act 2, Scene 2

— 2.2 — In a room in King Priam’s palace in Troy, a council was being held. Priam, Hector, Troilus, Paris, and Helenus attended it and spoke. King Priam said, “After so many hours, lives, and speeches spent, thus once … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Lloyd Alexander’s THE CASTLE OF LLYR: A Discussion Guide — Chapter 1: Prince Rhun

Chapter 1: Prince Rhun What do we learn from the very first paragraph of The Castle of Llyr? This is the first paragraph of The Castle of Llyr: Eilonwy of the red-gold hair, the Princess Eilonwy Daughter of Angharad Daughter … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Transplant Stories

As Christmas 2009 drew near, Dawn Pflughaupt, age 37, was happy because she was cancer-free. A bone marrow transplant with her brother, Brock Pflughaupt, as donor had cured her leukemia. She had found out that she had leukemia after feeling … Continue reading

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