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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s TIMON OF ATHENS: A Retelling in Prose — Act 3, Scenes 4-5

— 3.4 — Two of Varro’s servants and one of Lucius’ servants arrived outside Timon’s house, where they met Titus, Hortensius, and other servants of Timon’s creditors. All of them waited for Timon to come out of his house. Varro’s … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Dante’s PARADISE: A Discussion Guide — “Canto 15: Mars — Cacciaguida”

“Canto 15: Mars — Cacciaguida” Why are Cantos 15, 16, and 17 important? In Cantos 15-17, Dante meets his great-great grandfather, who tells him his great mission to accomplish on Earth: to write The Divine Comedy. Cantos 15-17 are the … Continue reading

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