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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s THE TAMING OF THE SHREW: A Retelling in Prose — Act 2, Scene 1

 — 2.1 — In a room in Baptista’s house, Katherina was tormenting Bianca, whose hands Katherina had tied together. Bianca pleaded, “Good sister, do not hurt me or your reputation by making a slave of me. That is something I … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Dante’s PURGATORY: A Discussion Guide — “Canto 23: Sixth Ledge — Gluttony (Forese Donati)”

Canto 23: Sixth Ledge — Gluttony (Forese Donati) How are the gluttonous purged, and why is that purgation appropriate? Lots of music — hymns — is heard on the Mountain of Purgatory. On this ledge, penitents chant the hymn Labia … Continue reading

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