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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET: A Retelling in Prose — Act 2, Prologue and Scenes 1-2

Prologue Romeo’s old “love” for Rosaline has now died, replaced by Romeo’s new love for Juliet. Romeo had suffered during his “love” for Rosaline and he had thought that he would die, but Rosaline’s beauty could not compare with the … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Dante’s INFERNO: A Discussion Guide — “Canto 7: Prepurgatory — The Negligent Princes”

Canto 7: Prepurgatory — The Negligent Princes How does Sordello react when he learns that he has embraced the great Virgil? Sordello asks Dante and Virgil more about who they are, and Virgil introduces himself: “Or ever to this mountain … Continue reading

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