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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s ROMEO AND JULIET: A Retelling in Prose — Cast of Characters, Prologue, and Act 1, Scene 1

Cast of Characters Juliet — Capulet’s daughter
 Romeo — Montague’s son
 Mercutio — Kinsman to the Prince of Verona and friend of Romeo
 Tybalt — Lady Capulet’s nephew and Juliet’s cousin
 The Nurse — Juliet’s nursemaid
 Friar Lawrence — A … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Dante’s PURGATORY: A Discussion Guide — Canto 4: Prepurgatory — The Spiritually Lazy

Canto 4: Prepurgatory — The Spiritually Lazy Why should we spend time discussing Antepurgatory? We should spend time discussing Antepurgatory for these reasons: 1) These souls in Antepurgatory are very interesting, and they often have interesting relationships with the sinners whom … Continue reading

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