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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYRE: A Retelling in Prose — Act 4, Scenes 3-5

 — 4.3 — Cleon and Dionyza were talking together in a room of their palace. “Are you foolish?” Dionyza asked. “Can the murder be undone?” “Oh, Dionyza, the Sun and Moon have never looked upon such a piece of slaughter!” … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Dante’s INFERNO: A Discussion Guide — “Canto 8: The Boatman Phlegyas and Filippo Argenti”

“Canto 8: The Boatman Phlegyas and Filippo Argenti” Who is Phlegyas, and why is it appropriate that he appears here? The guard of the Wrathful and Sullen (or Slothful) is Phlegyas, who also ferries Dante the Pilgrim and Virgil across … Continue reading

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