Dante’s PARADISE, Canto 13: SOLOMON






practical wisdom

needed to be a wise king

that’s what he asked for


NOTE: Saint Thomas Aquinas tells Dante, “A second person has never arisen with as much wisdom as Solomon had.” Solomon was a king, and he asked God for the wisdom that would make him a good king. Solomon was without equal in the particular gift of wisdom that he received from God. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule well as a king, and he received it. In addition, Saint Thomas Aquinassaid that a second person has never arisenwith as much wisdom as Solomon had. Adam and Jesus did not arise in the sense that Solomon and other human beings arise. Solomon and other human beings arose from the physical matter of the universe in conjunction with the laws of nature that govern matter and energy. God directly created Adam and the incarnation of Jesus out of the dust of earth.  When God acts directly, as when he created Adam and as when Christ acquired His human nature, the result is perfect. Love (Holy Spirit) and Vision (God’s Son) and Power (God the Father) work together to infuse spirit into matter, and the result is perfect. Solomon’s wisdom does not equal the wisdom of Adam and, of course, Jesus.




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