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A very wise man

Medieval philosopher

A learned scholar


NOTE: We regard Saint Thomas as the dominant Catholic theologian. Dante’s opinion of Saint Thomas agrees with our opinion of him. Saint Thomas was born in 1224, and he died at age 50 in 1274. Dante was born in 1265, so he was nine years old when Saint Thomas died. The Catholic Church canonized Saint Thomas in 1323. Dante died in 1321, so he had been dead for two years when Saint Thomas was canonized. To canonize someone is to declare someone a saint. An important fact about Saint Thomas is that he was a Dominican monk. Aquinas believed in both revealed truth, such as the revelations that we have in Scripture, and in discovered truth, such as we find by using our reason. He argued that the two kinds of truth were compatible. Moses Maimonides, a great Jewish thinker, believed the same thing.




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