Dante’s PARADISE, Canto 10: WISDOM






Wisdom’s communal

— we share it and build on it —

And cumulative


NOTE: Two facts about wisdom are that it is communal and it is cumulative. Think about the way that we accumulate knowledge throughout history. One of the great inventions has been writing because we can now write down what we learn. A person can study The Divine Comedy for years and have wonderful insights into the epic poem, but when that person dies, those insights can be lost unless that person has written down his or her thoughts.  When a person writes a book that appears in a library, that person is making his or her insights available communally — someone else can read that book and learn those insights. In addition, the other people who read that book can build on its insights. They can publish their own books that contain their own insights. These insights can build up over the years. For one thing, we don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel generation after generation. The wheel has already been invented. New generations can figure out better ways of using the wheel.




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