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Dante’s PURGATORY, Canto 23: eagerness

https://pixabay.com/en/excited-person-happy-enthusiastic-2681489/ *** EAGERNESS *** Is purgation pain? Souls are eager to purge sins, do what is needed. *** NOTE: Christ did not want to be on the cross, but He did what was needed to redeem Humankind. The souls on … Continue reading

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David Bruce: Art Anecdotes

American artist Wayne Thiebaud frequently paints food and especially desserts; in fact, a critic once wrote that Mr. Thiebaud had to be “the hungriest artist in California.” Unfortunately, this subject matter kept his paintings from achieving recognition for a while. … Continue reading

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NOTES on John Hick (1922-2012): Immortality and Resurrection

John Hick is an important theologian who wrote about immortality and resurrection, as well as many other religious topics. I. The Immortality of the Soul Plato (circa 429-347 B.C.E.) was an ancient Greek philosopher who believed that the soul is … Continue reading

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