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David Bruce: God Anecdotes

Soprano Frances Alda gave many concerts throughout the United States during her life, and sometimes she ran into travel problems. Once, a blizzard kept her from reaching a destination in time for a concert, and since she knew she could … Continue reading

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Dorothy Emmet (1904-2000): The Moral Prism

Dorothy Emmet was born in England in 1904; she published The Moral Prism in 1979. I. Virtue Theory: In recent ethical thought, virtue theory has become very popular. According to virtue theory, the basic question in morality is not: How … Continue reading

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Dante’s PURGATORY, Canto 11: OMBERTO

https://pixabay.com/en/rock-stone-nature-rough-dry-spain-3212114/ *** OMBERTO *** Pride of family His family was famous Aldobrandesco *** NOTE: Omberto’s father was Guglielmo Aldobrandesco, who was known as the Mighty Tusban. Omberto was so proud of being in a famous family that when a great … Continue reading

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