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David Bruce: Practical Jokes Anecdotes

Source of Picasso Portrait: Juan Gris [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Food writer Diane Root met Pablo Picasso once due to her maternal uncle, Robert Albinelli, who fired the great artist’s ceramics in the kiln and never cracked a vase … Continue reading

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David Bruce: “William Shakespeare’s CORIOLANUS: A Retelling in Prose” — Cast of Characters, Act 1, Scene 1

CAST OF CHARACTERS Male Characters Caius Martius, later named Coriolanus; Coriolanus means “Conqueror of the City of Corioli.” Cominius, Titus Lartius, Roman Generals against the Volscians. Menenius Agrippa, friend to Coriolanus; Menenius is an elderly man who is like a … Continue reading

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